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I am Natalie Carmella von Schleinitz from Edmonton, AB a young artist born in 2007 who displayed an early affinity for art, sketching and experimenting with colour. This natural passion led me to pursue formal training in art with my mentors Lana Kanyo, Managing Director of Master’s Art Academy in Edmonton, AB and private instructor and professional artist Larissa Nothof, in Sherwood Park, AB where I started developing my painting skills 2021. 

My Story

I am an abstract realist painter who loves to use bold vibrant colours drawing inspiration from the natural world. My art reflects my deep connection to animals and nature which inspires my abstract creations, portraits, and botanicals. 


Each piece is an expression of my dedication to the love of my artistry and exploration of new mediums and techniques. Applying acrylic, oil, watercolour, pencil crayon, and digital mediums to create pieces that are both visually captivating and stimulating.


In 2023, I launched my budding career by exhibiting and selling my work in featured Edmonton area art walks. The proceeds earned in selling my art will help me pursue a Bachelor in Fine Arts.

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